Computational Principles of Memory

Questions about Memory

In terms of the two types of memories, there are two crucial questions.

  1. Time scale of STM and LTM
  2. Activity or structure to be the carrier of information

Some speculations speculations are

  1. States persist in time for a characteristic time scale;
  2. Determine the capacity of memory;
  3. Retrieve of memory;
  4. Decay, defects, interferences.

To solve these questions, we first need to understand the mechanism of memory. Information is stored in some parametrized states, wheteher they’re state of the neurons, or structure, or the environment such as mRNA concentrations.

Characteristic Timescales

  1. Membrane potential time constants: 1ms to 10ms;
  2. PSP: 10ms to 100ms;
  3. Facilitation proccesses: ~100ms;

#TIL# Synapses transmit signals with some probablity of failure

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