Ryu20161 have found neurogenisis in adult mammalian brains. Combined with programmed cell death (PCD), this can serve as plasticity on a large timescale.

Origami and Neuron Activities

I attended a talk on 01/18/2018. The speaker presented his research on the relation between cosmic web, spiderweb, and origami. The idea is that cosmic web is like origami folding in phase space (position, and velocity). He started with a grid and used Zeldovich approach to move the vertices around to simulate the condensation of dark matter.

I have this idea that someone need to work out the activity network of neural networks and study the connections. Given an initial distribution of stimulations, the nearby neurons would start to react to input. The activity of neurons might just form some spiderweb-like network structures.

This requires a large network with enormous amount of neurons. But with k-nearest neighbour connections, such simulations are feasible.

Robert Lang was a physicist before he transformed to a origamist. He also published papers on physics and origami.

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