Why Can We Understand the Universe?

Our brain contains significantly less degrees of freedom than the whole universe. Yet we are developing a very good understanding of whole universe.

One of the interesting points is that the universe doesn’t go through all the possible states of its configuration. There are many constraints on the universe that forbids it from developing into many other states. Thus we could understand the restrictions thus grasp the key of the state of the universe.

(In some sense, intelligence should have this ability to find the restrictions of the environment and develop understanding of how the enviroment changes. Without the understanding of the restrictions of the enormously complex enviroment, it won’t be possible to predict (?).)

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Lei Ma (2020). 'Why Can We Understand the Universe?', Intelligence, 10 April. Available at: https://intelligence.leima.is/toolbox/random-thoughts/why-can-we-understand-the-universe/.